A tribute to Ishun Chan

"life is short. do what makes u happy" - Ishun, Mar 2008




Ishun was loved by many people from all walks of life. This site was created to commemorate the extraordinary life that she lead and to cherish the friendships formed. She probably would've wanted us to just go on with our lives and be happy, so this site is as much for her as it is for all those who loved her.


Posted 11/21/2009. Obelisk Accident Report

Posted 11/13/2009. Share your photos of Ishun - online.

  • The site's pretty sparse right now, and will be developed over time. But in the meantime, please do share your photos/videos, etc. that had Ishun in them. This can be done here: http://ishun.org/photos. You will need to register an account and then you'll be assigned a gallery and will then be able to create albums and sub-albums. Please do upload full-size images if possible. Thanks!

Posted 11/12/2009. Memorial service - San Jose.

  • There will be a funeral service on Saturday, November 14, 2009, 4 pm at the following location:
  • Chapel of Flowers Funeral Home, 900 S. 2nd St., San Jose, CA [Google maps]

Posted 11/12/2009. Climber's memorial - Skyline - CRSP

  • Ishun's climbing buddies will have a memorial on Skyline Blvd on Sunday, November 15, 2009. It'll be in Castle Rock State Park, likely the Shady Rock /Platypuss area, starting around 10/11am and last throughout the day. Please email or see here for more info if interested in joining; do carpool please.
  • Update (11/15/2009) from bluering: "We're still on today despite the morning 'wetness'. We'll meet up at Shady/Playpuss and if it's too moist or cold, we'll head for Cal Ridge and Mud Wall. We'll be at the entrance at 10:30."
  • Update (12/2/2009). Pictures can be found here.

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